​​​​Many organizations are "operationally driven" such as restaurants, airlines, hotels, and retail, but they all must implement changes as efficiently as possible without disrupting the operation!

Eggli's SIRcle Project Management System allows you to  "right size" Project Management to fit your organization.  

SIRcle Project Management Services

Customized Project Management Systems using Eggli's SIRcle PM approach.

Eggli'sSIRcle PMApproach:

  1. Right-Project Management
  2. Flexible Approach
  3. Current Projects 
  4. Immediate Application
  5. One-on-One Coaching

PM Coaching: 
Individual and team coaching for Project planning, implementing and recovery.

SIRcle Methodology:  
Avoid "over managing" or "under managing" projects by making the methodology fit the project and the culture.

Eggli provides PM services when PM resources are temporary or limited.